Autism or Not… Sensory Play is for ALL Children

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I have had people comment on my Instagram or Pinterest posts, “this is so great for kids with Autism”. Yes it is, but sensory play is great for ALL kids! Why limit learning and sensory exploration to children with Autism?

We know that children learn from play, world experience and through using all their senses. So why not combine all of these into one? I am excited to begin the MESSY PLAY MOVEMENT with The Sensory Table, our community outreach program that will help educate families on the importance of sensory play and the positive impact it has on brain development in young children.

At Children’s Therapy Services we partner with the students at the University of Kansas to do monthly Sensory Saturdays for children ages 2-6. These theme-based sensory sessions incorporate music, books, experiments, sensory exploration, snacks and family fun for ALL children of ALL abilities!

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