Do You Hear What I Hear? Using Minimal Pairs in Speech Therapy

If you are an SLP then you know how to work with minimal pairs (words that differ by only one sound), so here is a quick refer, and for parents, here it goes! Using minimal pairs is an effective and quick way to help your child break their speech habit of substituting a sound for…

Your Child Receives a Diagnosis: Do You Tell Them? And How?

Coming across this image, I knew immediately that this blog post was incredibly necessary to share with families and other therapists. After completing an evaluation, I make it a practice to discuss my impressions with the parent(s) immediately so they can go home with the power of information, some questions answered, and terms to Google….

Tough Transitions…Help your child SEE what comes next

I cannot count the number of times parents are seeking advice because their child doesn’t want to come inside or leave the playground resulting in a monstrous fit.  Let’s face it, transitions are hard for everyone.  Transition difficulty happens as all ages, an older child may negotiate while a younger child may try to escape…

Autism or Not… Sensory Play is for ALL Children

I have had people comment on my Instagram or Pinterest posts, “this is so great for kids with Autism”. Yes it is, but sensory play is great for ALL kids! Why limit learning and sensory exploration to children with Autism? We know that children learn from play, world experience and through using all their senses….